Who we are

our goal is
to make you feel at home

who we are:

Founded in 2005 by the „Chamber of Industry and Commerce“ as well as Companies in the area, the International Club East-Wuerttemberg (ICEW) has develloped into an exciting social and business network for locally-based expatriates and anyone interested in connecting with international people.

what we offer:

Regardless of where you come from or how short your stay will be, we invite you to join us at a meeting or event. Our goal is to make you feel at home, and we do so by enabling our members to meet, exchange views, and enjoy experiences in the region of East-Wuerttemberg.

For any questions contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Some voices from our members:

Starting work with a new company and in a new country is a challenging experience, but with the International Club, we now have a group of people who can comfort each other to make this new culture feel like home.

Vijay Paruchuru (USA)

It was a very good decision to join the International club, we have met a lot of international people in the region, which is very interesting and of course extremely helpful. We realized that we are not alone in the town, several families are also under the same circumstances, foreign people living in South/East Germany. The activities are very constructive, we love the tours to the different companies, and networking is just implicit in every activity. Fully recommend it !!

Jorge Salazar (Mexico)

An excellent initiative to join international and cross-cultural exchanges in a funny and interactive way. Thank you!

Zina B. H. Slimane (Tunesien)