Trip to the capital of Germany – Berlin!

5. März 2013

¬† In March ZEISS organized a very special event: The international club spent one weekend in Berlin, the capital of Germany. In total 50 „internationals“ joined the club!   During the weekend the participants learned interesting facts about the history of Berlin and about German culture, they enjoyed the local cuisine and they had the […]

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Meeting at the Heidenheimer Winter Village

14. Dezember 2012

In December 2012 we were meeting at the Heidenheimer Winter Village and eat German sausages and drank hot beverages while we kept us warm near the fire place of the market.

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The Voith Thanksgiving family-style cookout

29. November 2012

For the 2012 Thanksgiving celebration Voith organized a traditional cookout and brought people from Brazil, China, the United States, Canada, India and Germany together in Heidenheim.¬† Sweet potatoe gratin, roasted brussel sprouts, gingered green beans, glazed carrots and traditional gravy were cooked together besides the two slow-roasting turkeys. As a highlight of the evening the […]

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Biggest Garden of Medical Plants in Europe – Club visiting Weleda

6. September 2012

In September 2012 the International Club offered a new event: a guided tour through the herbal garden of Weleda AG, organized by ZF Lenksysteme. During the reception the 50 members were offered a sallow thorn juice particularly produced by Weleda. After an informative film on Weleda‚Äôs products, an interactive, English-speaking guide introduced the group to […]

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